The New Standard For Flight Reservation

The New Standard For Flight Reservation
on a business scale

Use our revolutionary tool to maximize profits and boost productivity. We've touched every aspect of your booking process just so you worry 10x lesser.

It's never been easier

It's like putting your agency business on steroids without the side effects!

TravelAgent® is Nigeria's foremost and only true real-time multi-airline booking platform provided by QuickAir. This tool is guaranteed to take your agency business to the next level with near-zero risk, quicker response time to clients and, a more profitable agency operation that will remain undeniably unbeatable.

“This tool has literally made our domestic flight issuance more profitable, less stressful, less risky. We wonder how we ever survived without it.”

Daniel Abaga, JustFly Nigeria.
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Crafting powerful experiences with features to help you work smarter

TravelAgent® is designed to provide you with all you would naturally do on an airline's website and much more. Here is an overview of what is possible:

  • Check flight schedules in realtime across all airlines in a single view
  • Make flight reservation on any airlines in just seconds
  • Ticket re-issuance (re-routing, date change, void, cancellation etc.)
  • View/Manage your reservations across multiple airlines in a single view
  • Sub account/agency creation and management
  • Passengers' information management
  • Elegant reporting and incredibily more
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Get more booking power with our "one wallet to issue them all"

Our partnership with means you get the power to ticket all domestic airlines from a single wallet at zero additional operational cost.

Airlines supported include:

  • Arik Air Limited
  • Aero Contractors
  • Air Peace Limited
  • Green Africa Airways Limited
  • Max Air Limited
  • Ibom Airlines
  • Dana Airlines Limited
  • Overland Airways Limited
  • United Nigeria
  • Azman Air Services Limited
Supports all Nigerian airlines

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay to register?

No. Registration is free.

How is ticket payment done on your platform?

Once you register and deposit funds to your unique account number, all transactions will be debited from your wallet.

Are tickets recognized by the airlines?

Sure! Booking reference (PNR) and e-ticket numbers issued are that of the airlines. You can always manage on the airline's platform for verification.

Can I withdraw funds deposited to my wallet?

It's our policy to ensure you can withdraw your funds at any time, no questions asked.

Can I set my agency charges?

We have provision to set your Agency Service Charge (ASC) at your backoffice. We also have provision to set additional charges on the fly if you so wish.

Are my service charges reflected on the ticket or do I have to print a separate receipt?

All charges are printed on the ticket given out to your clients. If you do not wish to print with payment details, you can opt for print without payment details in the print menu. The choice is yours.